Creating a Strong Password

There are many online password generators. The best ones make it easy for users to create passwords that are safe enough to keep their social media and online banking accounts secure. What makes a password generator strong is by putting together random combinations of characters (words, numbers and symbols) using cryptographically secure or truly random algorithms.

Creating a Strong Password

Step One: Choose the Character Sets to be used in generating your passwords.

The options are Uppercase Letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers, Symbols and four specially selected lists of words. Select the character sets you want included in your password by placing a check next to it. Uncheck any you do not want to use.

Step Two: Select the length of your password

You can select a password length between 9 characters and 63 characters long. If you want a password of slightly random length you can set the minimum and maximum length to the range you would like it to fall between. If you want a specific length, simply slide the Min Length and Max Length sliders to the same length. If you select 22 for the Min Length and 26 for the Max Length the algorithm will keep adding characters or words onto the end of the new password until it reaches the Max Length if it is not already the minimum length.

Step Three: Click the refresh arrows in the text box at the top of the page to generate your password.

Really Strong Passwords That Are Difficult To Crack or Guess

In order to create a strong password that is easy to remember, there are a few simple steps you can follow to make it easy.

  • Always use:
    • a mix of alpha and numeric characters.
    • a mix of upper- and lower- case characters; passwords should be case sensitive.
    • symbols when a system allows (spaces should be used in rare circumstances. Some applications may truncate or splice them off.)
    • a combination of letters and numbers, or a phrase like my dog has fleas using only the consonants, e.g., mydghsfls or a misspelled phrase, e.g., YerDawgHazFleez or Methid2thaMadnis.
  • Pick something obscure:
    • an extra character or phonetic replacement in an otherwise familiar term, such as overnytxprez instead of overnight express;
    • a combination of words that do not belong together, like wagonairportbuilder
    • a phonetically pronounceable nonsense word, e.g., Bloo-Blud or gewd-nite-laddy.

Make it easy. Use a Secure Password Generator to Create Strong Passwords

This password generator will begin by building a list of characters, or an array of words. Any password rules for a given online service or account can be easily set up to randomly choose from the same patterns each time.

The approach used in this assword generator is to randomize not only the selection of the character in the password, but also to ranomize the characterset, numberset or wordlist that this secure password tool randomly chooses from for the entire length of the password.

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